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Game currency

What are Coins

Coins are game currency. Unlike Banknotes, Coins cannot be purchased - only earned.

Coins may be spent to buy stuff at our store GO2DENSHOP.

How to buy Coins

You cannot buy coins. Only earn.

How to sell Coins

Coins cannot be sold. We may add such a feature later in our store GO2DENSHOP.

How Coins are earned

There are several ways to get Coins

  1. At registration, connecting your Steam/Battle.Net/Twitch account, uploading profile avatar
  2. Logging in daily
  3. Confirmation of phone and e-mail
  4. Streaming a match
  5. Participating in contests and tournaments. There are many prize places, most participants get something.
  6. When a friend you invited by your referral link (found on Your profile page) wins a tournament or contest, you get 10% of their earnings if they are coins

What are Banknotes

Banknotes are game currency. You can buy in for money (only RUB now), win, invest into tournament's prize fund, sell or withdraw to your QIWI wallet

How to buy Banknotes

You can top up your balance on My funds page (link in top right menu under your profile dropdown). Enter the required amount and click "Top up". You will then need to transfer Russian rubles to the QIWI wallet number specified by the portal at the rate of 1:1. That is, if you need to top up your account with 100 Banknotes, you need to send 100 rubles.

To top up your balance you need to confirm your phone number (QIWI wallet) on Your profile page.

Important! Funds need to be sent from your Go2Den confirmed phone number wallet.

How long it takes for funds to get deposited from / withdrawn to QIWI

We currently process QIWI operations manually from 9:00 to 23:00 UTC+03:00 (Moscow time).

How to sell Banknotes

On the same My funds page where you top up your account there is a link/button to withdraw funds. Just click it and follow instructions.

The minimum sale amount is 104 Banknotes.

Payment processor's commission is 3%.

Например, продано 1000 Банкнот, на кошелек QIWI поступит 970 рублей.

How to earn Banknotes

There are three ways:

  1. If you win a match or prac with Banknotes selected as prize fund
  2. If you win a tournament with Banknotes as a prize. Generally, Banknote prizes are for 1-3 places, however each tournament may have its own custom prize fund - see tournament's page.
  3. If a friend that signed up via your referral link (located on My Profile page) earns banknotes in a Tournament, you get 10% of these earnings.

Information on prize fund and winner determination rules are present on each tournament's page