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There are many chats on site, where do I see them all

All your chats may be found in Chats menu. Click message icon in top menu to get there.

What is Rating, how is it calculated; Leagues

Rating is shown next to player name on their avatar image.

Rating shows how strong player is and is calculated based on victories and losses of the player. The more player wins, the higher the rating.

By earning rating points players are moved by leagues:

  • Steel - rating < 1000
  • Bronze - rating 1000 -1299
  • Silver - rating 1300 -1599
  • Gold - rating 1600 -1899
  • Platinum - rating 1900+

May I have two accounts and play with myself? What if I "wind up" my rating or coins with my friends?

No, this is forbidden by site rules. If the fact gets known, all participating accounts will get banned, funds held.

A good advice: don't risk - we will find out. Remember, we built this and know where to look 😃.

Play fair.

How to change game

You may either click Change game link under your profile dropdown in the top right corner, or click game name under Go2Den logo in the top left corner.

How to get support

We are very excited to hear any ideas to make your life here at Go2Den better. Or to help with any issues you might have faced here. Support link in the top right menu under Your account dropdown is where to go.

How to change my Steam, accounts

Contact us and we will change it for you manually. Please note that all stats and ratings are lost when changing game accounts.

Video streams

Streams are handled by Twitch platform and are shown automatically (may be delayed by 2-3 minutes). You can connect your Twitch account in My profile .